Unlicensed Software

Pirated software hurts everyone from software developers to retail store owners, and ultimately to all software users. Furthermore, the illegal duplication and distribution of software has a significant impact on the economy.

Make sure you are not using software that is an unauthorized reproduction, not properly licensed or illegally distributed.

It is important to understand the real risks associated with software piracy. By using counterfeit, unlicensed or pirated software you are putting yourself at risk of having potential licensing issues. Educate yourself on the risks Of software piracy. Don't be a victim.

Piracy Education

A global effort is required, with local efforts, to combat the Software Piracy. Hexagon Production Software is working and investing against Piracy. There are many other organizations and alliances around the world that are joining together to develop new technologies against piracy. Fostering the protection of intellectual property promotes technological innovation, drives economic growth by leveling the playing field and helps consumers and businesses be more confident in their technology purchases.

Counterfeit Software

Counterfeit software is risky - whether you find it on the street, on the Internet, or at a low-price retail outlet that seems legitimate.

Counterfeit software can be tempting. But weigh the risks, and you’ll see it’s definitely no bargain. The perceived “savings” of using pirated software can be wiped out in a single security breach or critical incident resulting in downtime and other expensive remedies.

Intellectual Property

The respect of intellectual property rights laws is a benefit for everyone. It strengthens economies, creates job opportunities, protects honest workers, stimulates technological progress and development, and gives customers the genuine software experience they deserve while protecting them.Hexagon Production Software works, invests and fights the Software Piracy everyday. Don't become a victim. The security of your data depends on it.

License Agreement (EULA)

For your information; copyright infringement is determined without regard to the intent or the state of mind of the infringer; "innocent" infringement is infringement nonetheless.

As stated in the end user license agreement (“EULA”) that governs your use of Hexagon Production Software products, “The integrity of this Software is protected by technical protection measures (TPM) so that the intellectual property rights, including copyright, in the Software of the Licensor are not misappropriated”. Hexagon Production Software uses TPM to catch and bring to justice illegal users of our software.

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