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MasterCAM MasterCAM Mastercam offers solutions for designers and NC programmers in a spectrum of industries, including milling, turning, wire EDM, router programming, plasma cutting, lasers, and 3D design and drafting. To ensure a new generation of trained metal and woodworking personnel, Mastercam is available to educational institutions at sizable discounts.

Sprutcam Sprutcam Sprutcam is he first Russian CAM system for the PC based on the NURBS model. Our software products are of interest to customers worldwide thanks to the high level of functionality and performance. SprutCAM, SPRUT Technology's flagship product, is a full-spectrum programming system for milling, turning, wire EDM, multi-tasking machine tools and robots.

ESPRIT CAM ESPRIT CAM ESPRIT CAM is a software solution for converting CAD files, powering the entire lines of machine tools, and delivering accurate G-code with factory certified post processors. ESPRIT CAM is valued by CNC programmers for its extensive set of machining cycles, comprehensive tool control, and capacity to fully support an entire machine shop. ESPRIT CAM, DP Technology's flagship product, is a programming system for milling, turning, wire EDM, and multi-tasking machine tools.

Lantek Lantek Lantek is able to offer you a software solution for your metal manufacturing, driving sheet metal laser, plasma, oxy fuel, water jet cutting, punching, shearing, processing on 5-axis and combination machines, tube cutting. Lantek cooperates efficiently with all existing sheet metal, tube or beam machine tool achieving the best productivity and performance. Lantek Expert Cut is a CAD/CAM nesting software specially designed to automate the CNC programming of sheet metal cutting machines. Lantek Expert Cut is designed in such way, so that users only have to follow the steps indicated by the system.

Metalix cncKad Metalix cncKad Metalix cncKad CAD/CAM Software System provides solutions for punching, laser cutting and combination machines. cncKad is integrated with solid modelers such as SolidWorks®, Solid Edge®, Autodesk® Inventor®, Pro/ENGINEER® and Vertex G4®. cncKad offers a wide range of processing features – from manual tools giving you full control over the production, to efficient automated tools that save time and effort. In order to generate a nested sheet with assorted parts you can choose between Manual Nesting and an automated AutoNest Module, capable of creating Group Arrays with Macros.

nanoCAD nanoCAD nanoCAD is a professional grade CAD tool. It has a familiar interface, powerful drafting and design tools, native DWG compatibility, and an open API. And it's totally free to use and share. No catches, no gotchas, and no compromises. nanoCAD is the ultimate tool for creating, editing, validating, sharing, and managing CAD models. We have optimized it to make it easy to install and easy to work with from the very first minute.

DraftSight DraftSight DraftSight® allows you to access existing DWG files and create new ones at a fraction of the cost of alternative CAD products. Has a familiar user interface and a minimal learning curve that facilitates an easy transition from your current CAD application. Backed by a worldwide company you can trust.

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