Webinar: RADAN Designer CAD application for sheet metal fabrication

Webinar: RADAN Designer CAD application for sheet metal fabrication On November 19th 2019, 11:00 (Мoscow time), the next free webinar from RADAN sheet metal fabrication CAD/CAM software series will be held. This time, participants will see RADAN Designer — a new CAD application for sheet metal fabrication supplied alongside RADAN to fulfill all the 2D and 3D processing tasks needed for further operations with sheet metal parts.

The webinar will demonstrate creation of solid models and sheet metal parts, as well as review of the main application functionalities.

Language: Russian.

Duration: 1 hour

The webinar will be interesting to everyone related to sheet metal fabrication and parts manufacturing: managers, technologists, designers, CAM programmers, machine operators. To ensure the connection stability and transmission quality during the webinar, we limit the number of participants by 25. The registration is open until November 19th while the places are still available. We recommend using a headset.

RADAN is the total CAD/CAM solution for cutting sheet metal. Depending on the customer's requirements the suite may include specialized industrial modules for punching, sheet and tube laser cutting, bending, 5-axis machining, quote and commercial offer preparation. Today RADAN possesses the best economic parts nesting algorithms and methods.

From fixture design, to part repair and modification, DESIGNER is the ultimate CAD solution for taking geometry through to manufacture. It is a perfect companion to the majority of Hexagon Production Software CAD/CAM products.

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